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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Madison County Mambas is a Pro Basketball team in the Triple Threat Basketball League (TTBL). The Mambas was a vision of Mr. John and April Hogan residing in Harvest, AL. Our goal is to bring further recognition to the game as well as the talented players that dedicate their time to the sport. We pride ourselves on providing strong character, trust, and support to our team and our community. We strive for our players to be the best versions of themselves taking in account their mental health and a healthy work, life, and sport, balance. For the Madison County Mambas, developing a good name is just as important as winning the game.

John and his wife April Hogan live as serial entrepreneurs in the career of business coaching and motivating, while raising their family and staying active in their community. They have made their impact by influencing young business owners and athletes to chase their dreams while giving them the tools for a successful mindset and growth in any area they dream to pursue.

We are bringing more than just a team to Madison County but the sense of family and community while inspiring people to pursue their dreams.

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